Selected peer-reviewed journal articles

  • Köksal, E. & Ardıyok, Ş. (2022). Turkish Competition Authority’s First Hub-and-Spoke Cartel Decision. Journal of European Competition Law & Practice. 13(8), 566-570. LINK
  • Dalgic-Tetikol, D. E., Guloglu, B., & Köksal, E. (2022). Determinants of Internet Adoption in Turkey and the Need For a More Coherent Vision on Information and Communication Technologies Policy. Competition and Regulation in Network Industries23(4), 311-336. LINK
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  • Köksal, E. & Ardıyok, Ş. (2018). Diverging Approaches in Europe for the Most Favoured-Customer Clauses: How Turkish Competition Authority’s Decision for the Online Food Ordering Market Contributed. Journal of European Competition Law & Practice, 9(2), 119-123. LINK
  • Gürakar, E & Köksal, E. (2016). Institutional Evolution and Economic Development in Iran and Turkey. Middle East Development Journal, 8 (1), 32-64. LINK
  • Köksal, E. & Ardıyok, Ş. (2015). Reviewing regulatory policy for broadband in Turkey: The failure of service-based competition and the prospect of facility-based competition. Competition and Regulation in Network Industries, 16 (4), 354-377. LINK

Other peer-reviewed journal articles

  • Dalgic-Tetikol, D. E., Köksal, E., & Guloglu, B. (2023). The Evolution of the Digital Divide in Turkey. Journal of Research in Economics7(1), 65–83. LINK
  • Köksal, E., & Ardıyok, Ş. (2023). What did the Turkish Competition Authority Ignore in its First Hub-and-Spoke Cartel Decision? Ekonomi-tek12(1), 21–33. LINK
  • Köksal, E. & Ardiyok, Ş. (2021). Analysis of Syndicated Loans from the Perspective of Competition Economics – Information Economics, Risk Management and Cooperation. Ekonomi-tek, 10(1), 41-68. LINK (in Turkish)
  • Köksal, E. & Ardıyok, Ş. (2019). Necessity of a Broader Market Definition in the Analysis of Syndicated Loans Markets. European Competition Law Review, 40(11), 547-555.  LINK
  • Köksal, E. & Ardıyok, Ş. (2018). Sector Specific Regulations and Behavioral Economics: Reflections On The Decision Numbered 149. Business & Management Studies, 6 (1), 48- 62LINK (in Turkish)
  • Köksal, E. & Yurtseven, C. (2018). The Effects of The Increase in The Number of University Students on the Growth of the Movie Industry in Turkey. International Review of Economics and Management, 6(3), 103-116. LINK (in Turkish)
  • Erbil, C., Koksal, E., & Yurtseven, C. (2017). Mall Flicks – The Mall Boom in Turkey with an Unexpected Byproduct: The Movie Sector Expansion. Research in World Economy, 8(1), 1-17. LINK
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  • Akben-Selçuk, E., Köksal, E, Altıok-Yılmaz, A. D. (2016). The Impact of Merger and Acquisition Transactions at the Company and Industry Level : A Literature Review. Business & Management Studies, 4 (1), 48- 62LINK (in Turkish)
  • Ardıyok, Ş., Demirkan, H., Köksal, E., & Yüksel, B. (2015). Assessment of Net Neutrality Regulations and Traffic Management Activities in Mobile Communications from the Perspective of Competition Law. Competition Journal16(3), 51–100. LINK (in Turkish) 
  • Ardıyok, Ş., Köksal, E., & Yüksel, B. (2015). An Evaluation Concerning the New Ex-Ante Regulations for the Prevention of Margin Squeeze in the Electronic Communication Market in Turkey. Competition Journal, 16(2), 3–42. LINK (in Turkish)
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  • Köksal, E. (2010). Welfare Implications of Deviation from Network Neutrality: A Price Discrimination Application. International Journal of Interdisciplinary Telecommunications and Networking(2), 27-49. LINK
  • Köksal, E. (2008). An Analysis of Public Expenditures Using the Median Voter Theorem for Turkey. Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi Isletme Fakültesi Dergisi(2), 211-225. LINK

Other journal articles

  • Köksal, E. & Yüksel B. (2022). Hub-and-Spoke Cartels – An Economic and Legal Perspective. Rekabet Forumu, 154, 1-12. LINK (in Turkish)
  • Köksal, E. (2021). The Economics of Electric Vehicles and the Need for a Public Policy. Network Industries Quarterly Turkey, 1(4), 6-9. LINK
  • Ardıyok, Ş., İkiler, B. & Köksal, E. (2021). A Brief Overview of Charging Infrastructure in EU and Turkey. Network Industries Quarterly Turkey, 1(4), 14-18. LINK
  • Köksal, E. (2020). The COVID-19 Pandemic Shows How Vital the Broadband Internet Infrastructure Is. Network Industries Quarterly Turkey, 1(2), 14-17. LINK
  • Köksal, E. (2019). Competition Policy Towards Digital Platfroms. Network Industries Quarterly, 21(4), 7-9. LINK
  • Köksal, E. & Uçar, B. G. (2019). Public interventions in platform industries: The role of interest groups and potential welfare effects. Network Industries Quarterly, 21(2), 3-5. LINK
  • Köksal, E. (2018). Industry 4.0: Innovation, Education and Public Policy. Biktisat, 1(3), 46-54. LINK (in Turkish)  

Book chapters and editorial work

  • Köksal, E. & İkiler, B. (2022). Turkish Competition Board’s Fuel Decision: Critics on the Approach Taken for Resale Price Maintenance and Employed Methodology for Data Analysis. In K. C. Sanlı, D. Alma & D. Tanlı (Eds.), Uygulamalı Rekabet Hukuku Seminerleri 2021, 311-326, On İki Levha. LINK (in Turkish)
  • Köksal, E. (2021). Regulation of Fiber and the Internet. In M. Finger & M. Eroğlu (Eds.), Regulation of Turkish Network Industries, 383-401. Springer. LINK.
  • Köksal, E. (2021).  Public Interventions Towards Platform Industries in Turkey. In O. Kent, et al. (Eds.), Türkiye Ekonomisinde Büyüme, Kalkınma ve Eşitsizlik, 282-303. Efil Yayınevi. LINK (in Turkish)
  • Köksal, E. & Sesli, E. (2021).  Concerted Practice Decisions of the Turkish Competition Board: Are They Compatible with Industrial Organization Foresights and Case Law in USA and EU? In K. C. Sanlı & D. Alma (Eds.), Uygulamalı Rekabet Hukuku Seminerleri 2020, 85-114. On İki Levha. LINK (in Turkish)
  • Köksal, E. & İkiler, B. (2020). Current Competition Policies Towards Digital Platforms: Amex Decision in USA, Sahibinden Decision in Turkey and Google Shopping Decision in EU. In K. C. Sanlı & D. Alma (Eds.), Uygulamalı Rekabet Hukuku Seminerleri 2019, 477-492, On İki Levha. LINK (in Turkish)
  • Köksal, E. (2019). Why can’t we choose the best mobile phone tariff for us? In N. E. Aydinonat & Ü. B. Urhan (Eds.), Economics In Everday Life, 19–26, İletişim Yayınları. LINK (in Turkish)
  • Köksal, E. (2019). An Economic Assessment on E-commerce and Vertical Restrictions. In K. C. Sanlı (Ed.), Rekabet Hukukunda Dikey Anlaşmaların Son 10 Yılı, 108-131, On İki Levha. LINK (in Turkish)
  • Köksal, E. (2012). Welfare Implications of Deviation from Network Neutrality: A Price Discrimination Application. In M. Bartolacci, & S. Powell (Eds.), Research, Practice, and Educational Advancements in Telecommunications and Networking, 108-131. LINK

Reports and working papers

  • Köksal, E. & Bakış, O., (2023). Turkey Digital Society Index. Betam Research Note, 23/269SSRN (in Turkish)
  • Bakış, O. & Köksal, E., (2022). ICT Expenditures and Digitalization in Turkey. Betam Research ReportSSRN (in Turkish)
  • Bakış, O., Tetikol-Dalgıç, D. E., Deniz, P., Finger, M., Gümüş, İ., Köksal, E., (2022). Assessment of a Carbon Tax as a Tool to Decarbonize Turkey’s Energy Supply 2050. IC4R | İstanbul Center for Regulation, Report Series No.1. SSRN
  • Köksal, E., Ardiyok, Ş. (2021). Decisions of the Competition Board on Resale Price Maintenance: An Analysis in terms of Industrial Organization, EU and USA Practices. SSRN (in Turkish)
  • Köksal, E., Ardiyok, Ş. & İkiler, B. (2021). Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles – Opportunities and Suggestions for Turkey. SSRN (in Turkish)
  • Köksal, E. & Ardiyok, Ş. (2019). Assessing Buyer Power in Syndicated Loans. SSRN
  • Köksal, E. & Ardiyok, Ş. (2019). Necessity of a Broader Market Definition in the Analysis of Syndicated Loans. SSRN (in Turkish)
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